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Chillenden Mill is a white painted post mill with an open trestle, dating back to 1868. Based on a Dutch design the windmill is a well-known local landmark with an interesting history.  One of only 3 similar types in the country it replaced an earlier post mill on the same site. The mill ceased regular work in 1949 and was preserved in the 1950s and, although restored many times since, it collapsed in a gale in November 2003.  Happily it is now fully restored to its former glory.

Chillenden Mill is owned and maintained by Kent County Council, but it is run and operated by the Friends of Chillenden Mill, a local group of volunteers who open it at weekends and show people round.  If you would like to become a Friend and volunteer to help us run it, please contact the Mill Manager Paul Allen .

For visits at other times or for more information, please contact
the Mill Manager, Paul Allen.

The mill is now closed for the autumn and winter and will reopen to the public on Sundays by summer 2020.

And it looks a bit odd…?

The sweeps have been removed from the windmill so yes it does look a bit odd!  We are undertaking repair and maintenance over the winter months to work on the sweeps, and to re-balance the main structure.  We hope to have everything back in place by the summer of 2020.

Pedestrian access to the outside is still open so you are free to come along and have a look and admire it from close up.

Photo:  Jo Church