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The Canonry Benefice - All Saints Chillenden

Live-streaming virtual church services - every Sunday at 11am

We are now hosting virtual church services for the whole Benefice every Sunday at 11am.  These will be live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook.  If you would like to receive information about these services, please can you send your email address to Emma at and ask to be added to the Benefice member email list.

To watch the live stream, click on one of these links:

Links for news and updates

The usual weekly news sheet that was available at church services can be found online at, or here

Both news sheet and videos are also being posted on Canonry Benefice facebook page, and all the village facebook pages too:

Other links for help during this time

Rev David has asked for assistance in identifying vulnerable people that may need help at this time. He is working with Ash Parish Council to share information and is a point of contact for anyone who needs, or who knows of someone who needs, help. Please call him on 01304 812296.